DC Power Mobile Solar Generator Retrofit Kit

All the things you need to upgrade or restore the operation
of the DC Power Mobile Solar Generator and Hybrid system. Most trailers were built with (96) GNB Flooded Classic Platinum tubular industrial batteries 468 Ah capacity at 48 Volts.  This kit provides the same storage capacity when the trailers where new, but greatly enhances the performance.   This kit works with existing equipment (inverters, panel boards, and electronics). 

Kit includes directions to program inverters, (8) ReCharge 48V 30Ah batteries, wiring harness and enclosure.

No Maintenance ReCharge batteries are sealed and require no maintenance more distilled watering, no acid, no corrosion, rubber gloves and protective equipment.

Increased Safety With a Smart BMS in every battery, the battery will self-protect against temperature, charging, and electrical faults. ReCharge batteries are sealed.  No more hazardous gases emitted from lead acid batteries, corrosion and dangerous arc’ing hazard.

Fast Charging Charging times are 5-10X faster compared to lead-acid equivalent.

Constant Power Double the run time of lead-acid batteries, with 100% usable capacity

Vehicle Storage Batteries left for months only loose a few percent compared to lead-acid batteries that can lose 30-50% of their charge all the while emitting dangerous gases and corroding terminals.

Long Life Up to 10X longer cycle life than lead-acid equivalent